Ongoing research project investigating the nature of caring within climate, warfare, institutionalized and gendered contexts.

Omsorg Mus 1___serialized2
Omsorg Mus 4
Omsorg Mus 2-kopi
Omsorg Mus 3

Care 2023

Mouse skeleton on pillow and rye. 10x10x30 cm

Mouse skeleton cleansed, dyed in madder root, re-painted with gouache, placed on pillow made from a grandmother's pillow case with Omsorg (care) embroidered on it, all placed on rye and put in glass montre. Found objects.

Sætte mig i_1
Sætte mig i_3
Sætte mig i_4
Sætte mig i_2

Jeg kan "sætte mig i andres sted"

(I Can "Put Myself in Other People's Shoes") 2023

Lino print on rice paper 45x400 cm

Exact 1:1 remake of one of the questions from the psychiatric screening questionnaire given to me during post natal depression.


Repair (Ghazza), 2023

Stick, gauze and plaster

Broken stick repaired.

Soft box_4
Soft box_1
Soft box_2
Soft box_3

Soft Box (2023)

Cardboard and duvet

Cardboard box going through all stages of love and pain, reassembled and placed in duvet open box. Found objects.