Ene Bissenbakker (Denmark, 1982, lives and works in Copenhagen) is a visual artist working with different media, but has a certain relationship with paper. Widely used for different purposes worldwide, paper carries many connotations in itself – but it is the schismatic nature of the medium that draws her attention: paper is in so many ways strong and fragile at the same time. Paper is alive.

Just as with the fraiglty of paper, the fraiglty and between humans is of interest to the artist. On one level or an other, the artworks all deal with the impossibility of human interaction.

Bissenbakker has a background in Anthropology and Visual Culture, which comes across in her works that deal with the impossibility of and longing for human interaction. She understands it as a deeply rooted human trait to desperately seek connection, but never knowing how exactly to go about it. All of her works, one way or another, deal with these topics. Apart from the humanities studies, she has worked a great deal on collaborations within documentary film making, performance art and art festivals.

2015: Documentary film directing, Short and Documentary Film School, Copenhagen, DK
2003-2007: BA in Cultural Anthropology, Aarhus University, DK
2010-2014: MA in Visual Culture (unfinished), Copenhagne, DK
2010: Painting course at Holbæk Art School, Holbæk, DK

Selected exhibitions
2018: Slowroom x Ene Bissenbakker, solo at Pavillon No. 11, Copenhagen, DK
2017: The Bath, solo at Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen, DK
2016: Group exhibition with Pete Lamberto + Filippo Pizzocchero, Space Studios, DK
2015: Homeless Gallery, Copenhagen, DK 
2015: Tirée, solo, Berlin, DE
2014: The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, DK
2013: Bang Festival, Barcelona, ES
2013: Mongolfiere Libere Projects, Berlin, DE 

Internships & jobs
2020: Internship with artist duo Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Copenhagen, DK
2017-2019: Videographer for Nordisk Film TV, Copenhagen, DK
2015: Production assistant for Bullitt Film, Copenhagen, DK
2014: Production assistant for video artist Marika Seidler, Copenhagen, DK
2013: Video collaboration with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Copenhagen, DK
2012: Internship for sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard, Berlin, DE
2010-2015: Assisting + documenting for Liveart Performance Art Group, Berlin/Copenhagen
2011: Trailerpark Festival Copenhagen, Main curator, Copenhagen, DK
2011: Assisting at Nordic Panorama documentary film pitch forum, Aarhus, DK
2009: Assisting for Creative Time at Plot ’09, NYC, USA
2009: Researcher for exhibition Som Jeg Er/As I Am, Museum of Copenhagen, DK

Other artistic practice
2016-17: Video collaboration with artist Inge Agnete Tarpgaard, Copenhagen/Ringkøbing, DK
2016: Speaking about video art at Malmö Queer Film Festival, Malmö, SE
2015: Speaking at Pecha Kucha about independent art schooling, Copenhagen, DK
2014: Summer University, Salzburg Academie of Fine Arts with Cinéma Copains, Salzburg, AU
2013: Leading organisor at feminist culture and arts festival LadyFest, Copenhagen, DK